BioDiesel Dive Boat

Hawaiian Diving Adventures

Hawaiian Diving Adventures operates Oahu’s safest, most comfortable and most reliable boat, the Kilikina. This translates to “Christina” and also “fickle lady” so we take extra special care of her! Most recently, she upgraded to two new engines and fully rebuilt jets while in dry dock. The U.S. Coast Guard fully re-certified her as a safe and capable dive boat.

Our 33’/10m custom dive boat is specially fitted for safe, easy, fun scuba diving trips. She is a Coast Guard inspected and documented jet boat, with a fully licensed and highly capable crew. We take pride in our excellent safety record! This custom built vessel is stout and seaworthy, offering a quick and comfortable ride for our divers to and from the dive sites.

Eco-Friendly Diving

Hawaiian Diving Adventures is committed to the environment and care of the oceans, and we are the only dive boat 0n Oahu and all of Hawaii that runs on 100% biodiesel fuel. All of our cleaners and degreasers are also 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Comfort & Safety Features

  • Cell phones & VHF radio for immediate ship to shore contact
  • EPIRB (Emergency Positioning Beacon)
  • Life jackets, life ring, fire extinguishers
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved medical kit
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN) oxygen unit
  • Tag lines on both sides of the boat
  • Trailing line with buoy off the stern
  • Spare Air Regulator at 15’/4.5m on deeper dives
  • Jets instead of propellers for increased safety
  • Heavy-duty dual ladders for easy exits after your dive
  • Walk-through transom with ample swim deck
  • Basic, private marine head on board
  • Dry storage for towels and personal items
  • Snacks and fresh pineapple, drinking water
  • Spare masks, fins, snorkels, and air cylinders

Uncrowded Diving

Some charters pack dozens of divers on a single charter, but not us. There is no crowded diving with Hawaiian Diving Adventures. Our typical dive charter is 2-8 scuba divers, with a typical ratio of 2-4 divers per guide or instructor. We take a maximum of 12 divers on board, along with three divers as crew and a dive boat captain. Our dive boat captains are experienced at the helm and are at least Rescue Divers. The dive team members are all very capable and well-trained divemasters and dive instructors. They look out for your safety and ensure you have a really fun scuba diving adventure.

Divers each have a seat for relaxing & enjoying the views on the quick 10-20 minute boat rides to and from our selection of dive sites. Dives last 30-50 minutes, depending on the depth and air consumption. We perform a three-minute safety stop on all dives and usually add a one-minute mid-stop on our deeper dives. For added safety, we hang a spare air regulator off the stern at the safety stop depth of 15’/4.5m for our deeper dives and wreck dives.

Photo & Video Ready

For underwater photographers and videographers, the boat has a dry table for setting up photo or video equipment before the dive, and a clean freshwater rinse tank. Our instructors are also certified to teach underwater photo and video courses, so that is definitely an option. We can also schedule a photographer to capture great footage of your dive trip. Please let us know in advance if you want to hire a dive photo pro!

Snacks & Drinking Water

We serve snacks and fresh pineapple between your dives. We also have a cooler with cold drinking water. We provide paper cups, or please feel free to bring your own durable cups or water bottle. Every bit helps to reduce our footprint.

Low Guest-to-Guide Ratio

All beginner scuba divers dive with an instructor. All certified divers dive with a professional dive guide, a divemaster or an instructor. They brief you about the dive and point out interesting marine life you can see around the wrecks and reefs. They are an exceptional group of people who truly care about your safety. We want to ensure you have a fun time diving with us. Our typical ratio is 2-4 divers per divemaster or instructor.