Commercial Cylinder Fills and Deliveries​

Hawaiian Diving Adventures

We do commercial cylinder fills & deliveries! Are you an independent dive instructor? Do you own or manage a dive shop but have no place for an air compressor?
Hawaiian Diving Adventures has you covered! We provide high quality compressed air and EANx (up to 40%) scuba cylinder fills for a number of dive operations on Oahu, as well as the University of Hawaii. We also offer Hydrostatic Testing and Visual Inspection services, as well as cylinder rentals for scuba dive professionals and scuba dive operations in Honolulu.

Easy Online Ordering

You can order tanks online until 5:30am the day of delivery. If your needs change, call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Certification and Insurance

We will only deliver cylinders to certified and insured dive professionals and companies. Instructors or dive shops must provide a copy of Dive Instructor and Nitrox qualifications, as well as current professional liability insurance.

Nitrox Analyzer

For an additional charge, we offer a Nitrox analyzer rental.

Cylinder Rentals

Cylinder rentals must be for day charters. The rental period is for the duration of the trip, and pickup times are firm. There is no refund for unused cylinders.

Pick Up or Delivery

You can schedule an appointment to pick up at the Hawaiian Diving Adventures warehouse, or have us deliver to the Kewalo Basin Harbor. We deliver full tanks and pickup empty tanks up to three times every day at Kewalo Basin Harbor. We can deliver to any boat in the harbor. Additional delivery locations and times may be available.
Our truck is at Kewalo Basin Harbor for delivery/pickup at 7-7:30am, 10-10:30am, and 2-2:30pm (pickup only).