Air Fills and Nitrox​

Hawaiian Diving Adventures

Air Fills and Nitrox: we keep your tanks full, so you can keep on diving!
Hawaiian Diving Adventures offer the best quality and lowest priced scuba cylinder filling service on Oahu. We fill tanks for certified divers, dive professionals, and a number of dive shops in Honolulu. Check out our Commercial Air Fills & Delivery service if you are a dive professional or dive operator seeking to reduce your cost and labor of filling air tanks!
* Cylinders must be current on hydro testing and cylinder inspection dates.
Please contact us to arrange cylinder drop off; call now at 808-232-3193.

Air Fills

The centerpiece of our shop is our fill station, where we have two high-pressure, high-capacity compressors to fill scuba tanks. Regular air quality checks ensure that only clean, dry air goes into our tanks. Our trained Fill Station Operators start running these compressors at 6 am. We fill tanks to 3,000 psi, and have a pressure gauge onsite you can use to test your fill.
* We require Open Water Diver (or higher) certification for any scuba cylinder fills.
Air fills are $5
(Frequent fill cards are available, just ask!)

Nitrox Fills

Our continuous gas blending station means that we can custom blend your Nitrox mix up to 40%. Since there is no high-pressure oxygen in our system, Nitrox fills are more accurate and safer than partial pressure blending. Our oxygen is aviation-grade. Certified Gas Blenders mix your Nitrox to ensure the safety and accuracy of Nitrox fills. We fill tanks to 3,000 psi and have a Nitrox analyzer and pressure gauge onsite you can use to test your fill.
* We require Open Water Diver (or higher) and Nitrox certifications for Nitrox cylinder fills.
$20 up to 32%
$24 up to 40%
(Frequent fill cards are also available for Nitrox, just ask!)