Daily Dive Trips

Hawaiian Diving Adventures

Your greatest adventure is here! We go diving every day. Join us on one of our two tank daily dives and we will show you things that are found nowhere else on the planet. Our vast reef systems and incredibly knowledgeable and experienced crew make sure you have a safe and seriously fun experience.

Daily Scuba Diving Trips

For certified divers, this is where it’s at! Every day, we take the boat out on two amazing dive trips. Explore our Coral Reefs with two great dives on our amazing reef systems. For those craving more adventure, the Wreck and Reef dive is what you want. 

Each trip is two tanks and we guarantee you an amazing experience like nowhere else on earth. Snacks and fresh pineapple are served between dives. The typical two-tank dive trip lasts about 3-4 hours.

The early morning trips are usually a Wreck and Reef Dive, while the late morning trips are usually two Reef Dives.

Let us curate the best dive experience for you. All you have to do is show up: we take care of the rest!

Not sure which trip is best for you? Give us a call: we can tailor a dive trip just for you!

Oahu Wreck & Reef Dive Trips

For the more advanced diver, we offer an early morning shipwreck and reef dive charter. Our first dive is usually a deep wreck around 100′ (30m). Our second dive is a shallower dive on one of our coral reef systems, usually around 40-60′ (12-20m). With experienced divers, the underwater world is at our fingertips. Since the wrecks are a bit farther from shore, we often see more pelagic species, like tuna and jacks. Sometimes we spot dolphins and whales on the boat ride out!

Due to the depths of the wrecks, we request a minimum of 25 dives, preferably with an Advanced certification or the Wreck Diver specialty certification, and that you have been diving within the past year. All of our dives are led by an experienced local Divemaster or Dive Instructor, and you will only dive in small groups for the safety and enjoyment of all our divers.

Read more about our Oahu Wreck and Reef Dive Trips: let’s get wrecked!

Departs daily at 8:00 a.m.

Oahu Reef Dive Trips

Coral Reef Dives

Maybe you’re newly certified, or you love longer dive times, or you want more natural light for photography. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve gone scuba diving, or you just like to sleep in. Regardless, our late morning charter is the dive trip for you! We visit two shallow coral reef systems with an average depth of 40′-60′ (12-18m). 

You will see thousands of colorful reef fish and all kinds of interesting marine life. We frequently encounter eels, octopuses, green sea turtles, rays, and even sharks, along with an incredible variety of corals. Over 25% of the fish and coral species we see are endemic to Hawaii, meaning you can only see them on your dives with us in Oahu.

The ride to the best dive sites is relatively quick, usually less than ten minutes. To help ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our divers, experienced, professional Dive Instructors lead all reef dives in small groups.

Learn more about our Coral Reef Dive Trips and visit some of the best reefs you will ever see!

If you or someone in your group is not yet scuba certified, you can still dive together. Simply signup for our Basic Scuba Diver program, and join us on our reef dives. You will learn the basic skills and important information about safely scuba diving. You also get the chance to do your very first dive on our amazing reefs under the supervision of a professional dive instructor.

Departs daily at 11:00 a.m. (Beginner divers should arrive no later than 10:30 a.m.)

Oahu Night Dive Trips

We also plan Sunset & Night Dives two or three times a month. We can usually schedule a night dive trip upon your request. Give us a call to set up a night dive.

Fun Dive Package: 6 Dives for only $300!

Certified divers save over 20% on three two-tank dive trips! This package can be used for any of our two-tank dive trips and is valid for three months from the date of purchase. Fun-diving packages cannot be sold or transferred. * We offer a kama'aina discount for Oahu locals. We also provide discounts for active-duty military & veterans and University of Hawaii students & faculty. To receive the discount, you must show appropriate ID. Discounts cannot be combined. * Gratuity for the captain and crew is voluntary, but if you have a great time on your dives, it is customary to tip 10-20%. Please call us to set up multi-day packages.

Equipment Rental

High-quality dive gear is available for rent on all of our dive trips. For certified divers, a full set is only $20! All you need to bring are shorts and a towel, and we take care of the rest. Students and first-time divers can rent gear at no additional charge. If you have any of your own gear, bring it: we want you to be completely comfortable. If you only need individual pieces, we also rent gear a la carte.
Variety Of Dive Sites

Please note that for our Daily Dive Trips packages, we do our best to ensure that divers get to see a wide variety of dive sites. However, depending on conditions such as currents and visibility, there is a chance you may dive on some of our sites more than once. Due to the wonderful inherent nature of scuba, and the ever-changing wildlife, every dive is different, even on the same reef or wreck! Our dive guides and dive instructors have visited the same wrecks and reefs hundreds of times, and every dive is STILL a mind-blowing experience. There is always cool, new stuff to see!

Please contact Hawaiian Diving Adventures for more information about our Oahu Daily Dive Trips packages.