Dive Boat Captains & Crew​

Hawaiian Diving Adventures

Hawaiian Diving Adventures employs safe, friendly, and fun dive professionals. We are specially trained to provide our guests with the ultimate scuba experience. All our boat captains are Coast Guard licensed and very experienced with taking scuba divers to the best dive sites around Oahu. Our divemasters and instructors are experts at finding and pointing out elusive octopuses, nudibranchs, frogfish, and other well-hidden marine life on the nearby coral reefs.



andrew facing up underwaterAndrew is our all-around go-getter and operations manager. He is a US Coast Guard licensed Captain for our dive boat, as well as an SSINAUIPADI dive instructor. Before Hawaiian Diving Adventures, Andrew worked as a submarine pilot taking guests on submarine tours to many of the sites he now dives!


Caleb is a PADI and SSI dive instructor, as well as a skilled underwater photographer and octopus wrangler. He is our VIP and hydrostatic dive cylinder testing specialist. His favorite off-time activities are hiking and singing karaoke.

diver swimming on back/facing up


Susanna is a PADI and SSI dive instructor, and really enjoys taking underwater photos. She works most of the week as a project manager for Dell, enjoys travel, the finer things in life, and watching semi-pro hockey. Susanna is a US Navy and US Coast Guard veteran.



Bailey joins us from Mexico and the Caribbean.  She grew up professionally fighting pirates and sipping coconut-based drinks.  She’s also a Dive Instructor but would rather boss people around than getting into the water herself.




Dana “Salty Beard” is an amateur facial hair competitor.  In 2021 he took third place in the Hawaii Beard and Sideburn Annual competition.  One day he hopes to make the pro circuit, in the meantime being an expert Dive Instructor is just his day job.

Dana, Instructor



What can we say about Evan that hasn’t already been said? He’s been an international fashionista for the last 12 years and has been written up in magazines from Paris to Hong Kong. In an effort to escape his fame, he spends most of his time wearing a dive mask and teaching Basic Scuba Divers how to dive.  We are not even allowed publish a photo of his face.


Stella is a delightful SSI Instructor. She enjoys learning about tec diving on her days off. Lately, she is hard at work learning the Science of Diving. Stella recently moved to Honolulu from Alaska.


blade swimming through tubeBlade is a PADI divemaster. When he’s not leading fun divers around the Sea Tiger and other Oahu dive sites, he works as a school teacher and loves being a positive role model for kids. Blade enjoys underwater photography and is interested in the historical side of wreck diving.



Royce giving a shaka signAn expert at filling tanks and delivering them to our commercial tank fill customers at Kewalo Harbor, Royce enjoys the physical fitness aspect to the job of delivering hundreds of scuba cylinders to the harbor. Royce loves Korean movies and anything Avengers.

Tank Crew

The tank crew at Hawaiian Diving Adventures are experts in safely filling and delivering air cylinders to the harbor. Every day they fill and deliver at least a few dozen to several hundred tanks both for our boat and for the other dive companies using our commercial air fill service. Every day these hard-working guys and girls start early so that dozens and dozens of Oahu scuba divers can breathe fresh, clean air from nice full dive tanks. And yes, they are also scuba divers!



dog running on beach with ball in his mouthFin is a grumpy old soul that loves a little affection and tasty treats whenever possible. He likes walks on the beach, chasing stray cats outside the shop, and especially loves our BBQ events at the park!


Dax is a quirky old man that growls in joy whenever somebody pets him, especially on his head. He enjoys beach adventures and hiking, and isn’t bashful to hit you up to share any of your snacks!

Black dog facing camera


Looking to work as a boat captain or dive professional?

Contact us! Great perks, flexible hours, free fun-diving whenever space is available, plus substantial discounts on dive equipment and dive training courses!