Diver Stress and Rescue

Hawaiian Diving Adventures

In Diver Stress & Rescue, you learn that stress is often the major cause of diving accidents and diver rescue situations. Properly dealing with stressed and injured divers is a major part of the dive professional’s responsibility. This program teaches you the skills and knowledge to recognize signs of stress, prevent accidents, and properly deal with emergency dive situations. This is one of the most physically demanding courses, but also one of the most important and most rewarding!   
This course focuses on accident prevention and response. Learn about the accident chain and how to stop accidents before they happen. You also learn in-water rescues, and how to deal with panicked and unresponsive divers. 

Courses must be booked over the phone: call now at 808-232-3193. 

How It Works

This Diver Stress and Rescue course starts with online e-Learning. The water training is done in three sessions, over three days. 
  • Dive Day One
    • a confined water session in a shallow lagoon, where you will learn rescue skills.
  • Dive Day Two
    • a fun open water dive, get in the ocean, polish those dive skills
    • an open water dive day where we put those skills to the test, dealing with actual rescue scenarios in the ocean.
  • Dive Day Three
    • two open water dives dealing with increasingly difficult scenarios

These days do not need to be consecutive, so if you have other activities planned, we can work around that.


  1. You must complete the online e-Learning portion at home, before any in-water training. This portion usually takes 6-8 hours in total, including the final exam.
  2. The first water training starts at 7:15 am. This is usually done in one of the shallow lagoons at Ala Moana Beach Park. If you combine this course with our React Right course, we do the First Aid/CPR training when we get out of the lagoon.
  3. The final days are on the boat and can be done on any of our regularly scheduled charters.

What To Bring

  • Having your own gear is great, but not necessary: we include all of the rental gear in the price!
  • You can bring a towel, sunglasses & maybe a hat for the boat trips (we have a dry storage area).
  • Bring your underwater camera & its waterproof casing to get the best shots!
  • We provide drinking water, fresh pineapple & snacks, but you can also bring your own. 

Special Considerations

  • You must have an Advanced Adventurer (or equivalent) certification.
  • The minimum age is 10 years old.
  • To dive, you must have basic swimming skills and overall physical fitness.
  • You must complete a medical questionnaire and may need a doctor’s approval if you have any disqualifying conditions.
  • If you have questions, please contact Hawaiian Diving Adventures to discuss your particular circumstances before registration.
  • When scheduling your training dives, you must allow at least 18 hours after diving before flying. This is important — you cannot fly the same day after scuba diving. 


3 Days – $600; combine with React Right – $750
* Gratuity for the captain and crew is voluntary, but if you have a great time on your dives, it is customary to tip 10-20%.

Courses must be booked over the phone: call now at 808-232-3193.

Contact Hawaiian Diving Adventures with any questions, or to sign up for your next class!