Master Diver

Hawaiian Diving Adventures

Want to do what we do? Want to learn our scuba secrets? Become a professional, go diving, get paid for it. Dive Guide is your first step down the professional path. 

The Dive Guide Program is designed for those who like to travel, work overseas, or may be looking for a part time position. Dive Guides guide certified divers but do not assist with courses or supervise student and non-certified divers.

Dive Guide Program is the most intense single program offered by HDA. This program is designed to give students all the skills needed to be a safe diver as well as the knowledge and expertise to also be a great dive professional.

How It Works

Master Diver is a recognition rating, there is no specific course to take. To qualify as a Master Diver you need:

Get creative and find what interests you among the Specialty Dive courses that we offer:


The online learning courses can be completed over a span of a few hours to a few days, depending on what Specialty Courses you pursue. Once the online learning is completed, we get you out on the water to complete the required dives for your courses. Each course varies based on how many dives you need to complete your requirements. 

What to Bring

  • We strongly recommend divers at this level own all of their own dive equipment (wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel, BCD, regulator, gauge, and dive computer). However, rentals are available.

  • You can bring a towel, sunglasses & maybe a hat for the boat trips (we have a dry storage area).

  • Bring your underwater camera & its waterproof casing to get the best shots!

  • We provide drinking water, fresh pineapple & snacks, but you can also bring your own.

Special Considerations

  • The minimum age is 12 years old.
  • To dive, you must have basic swimming skills and overall physical fitness.
  • You must complete a medical questionnaire and may need a doctor’s approval if you have any disqualifying conditions.
  • If you have questions, please contact Hawaiian Diving Adventures to discuss your particular circumstances before registration.
  • When scheduling your training dives, you must allow at least 18 hours after diving before flying. This is important — you cannot fly the same day after scuba diving.
* The cost and time commitment of this program depends on which Specialty Courses you choose, and the number of dives you need to complete the fifty required dives.
* Master Diver is a recognition rating granted when divers achieve the requirements: there is no specific course but we can design a custom program just for you!
* Gratuity for the captain and crew is voluntary, but if you have a great time on your dives, it is customary to tip 10-20%.

Courses must be booked over the phone: call now at 808-232-3193.