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As an Open Water Diver, you learn that the earth’s surface is nearly 70% water. Scuba diving opens up an entirely new world full of magical oceanscapes, dazzling marine wildlife, colorful coral and so much more! Hawaiian Diving Adventures offers a wide range of certification and specialty classes so you can experience this beautiful underwater realm.
This certification is valid for life and is an amazing way to invest in yourself. Enjoy incredible adventures, exotic travel, and great people, all while enjoying a healthy and fun activity! We take great pride in welcoming new divers to the community.
Courses must be booked over the phone: call now at 808-232-3193.

How It Works

The Open Water Diver certification program has three parts:

  1. Complete some paperwork and the online learning portion of the course. Here you learn the important basics and general information about scuba diving.
  2. The confined water session is where you get hands-on training about preparing and using scuba gear. This portion of the class is at a protected cove of Ala Moana Beach Park. Its shallow depth and calm water make for a perfect, relaxing introduction to breathing on scuba gear and learning the fundamental scuba skills to have a safe, enjoyable dive.
  3. You and your instructor do four open water dives, where you head out on the dive boat, and apply everything you learned. Each dive trip includes two dives, and each dive includes practice on all the fundamentals. You also get plenty of time to check out the incredible coral gardens and marine life. You are almost guaranteed to see a sea turtle with us: we see them almost every day, along with thousands of colorful reef fish!


  1. The Open Water Diver online learning portion is done at your own pace, usually over several days. The online classes have learning modules and review questions. Many choose to complete this e-learning before the start of their Hawaii vacation.
  2. The confined water session at Ala Moana Beach Park. It takes several hours to learn and practice all the skills.
  3. Over two days, we do our open water dives, usually consecutively, but we can always work with you to fit your schedule. Each boat trip is usually two dives and takes 3-4 hours. We have three boat departure times daily. The boat rides to the reef are very quick (less than 15 minutes!) and offer incredible views of Waikiki and Honolulu.
  4. There is a multiple-choice final exam. Don’t worry: it’s easy once you take the class!

What To Bring

  • All you need is a swimsuit for the first day: all of the dive gear is included!
    •  If you bring a change of clothes for after class, there are beach showers and restrooms. 
  • You can bring a towel, sunglasses & maybe a hat for the boat trips (we have a dry storage area).
  • Bring your underwater camera & its waterproof casing to get the best shots!
  • We provide drinking water, fresh pineapple & snacks, but you can also bring your own. 

Special Considerations

  • The minimum age is 10 years old.
  • To dive, we require basic swimming skills and overall physical fitness.
  • You must complete a medical questionnaire and may need a doctor’s approval if you have any disqualifying conditions.
  • If you have questions, please contact Hawaiian Diving Adventures to discuss your particular circumstances before registration.
  • When scheduling your dives, allow at least 18 hours after diving before flying. This is important — you cannot fly the same day after scuba diving.
  • Courses must be booked over the phone: call now at 808-232-3193.

* Gratuity for the captain and crew is voluntary, but if you have a great time on your dives, it is customary to tip 10-20%.

Open Water Diver Certification

Upon completion of all academic and in-water requirements, including a basic swimming evaluation and the final exam, your Instructor will issue the Open Water Diver certification card.

Certified Open Water Divers can dive with an equally- or more-qualified buddy in environments equivalent to their training, and within the recommended depth limits. Students younger than 15 years old will be certified as Junior Open Water Diver. They must dive under the direct supervision of a dive professional or with a certified adult, in environments equivalent to their training, and within the recommended depth limits.


$625 (includes eLearning and registration fees)

Click here to REGISTER for SSI Open Water Certification.

$650 + eLearning fees (approximately $250)
Click here to REGISTER for PADI Open Water Certification.
$825 total
Please contact us for NAUI Scuba Diver certification.

Courses must be booked over the phone: call now at 808-232-3193.

Contact Hawaiian Diving Adventures with any questions, or to sign up for your next class!