Oahu Sunset / Night Dives

Hawaiian Diving Adventures

Sunset dives and night dives are available upon request. You can see a wide variety of marine life and activity that simply does not occur during the day! Hawaiian Diving Adventures is happy to accommodate your request, but please be sure to contact us about your night dive as far in advance as possible.

Night dives are so amazing! No matter how many times you have been on a reef during the day, at night it is completely different, as so many more fish venture out under the protection of the darkness. Nocturnal creatures emerge from hiding and sleeping all day to cruise the reef and hunt. At night, the scene completely changes. Instead of those cute sleeping whitetip reef sharks we often see during the day, you have a chance to see them hunting. Watch how stealthy and streamlined they are while cruising the reef looking for food.

Night Dive Lights

We require all divers to carry a primary dive torch when night diving and a second backup torch is strongly recommended. We also require all night divers to wear some type of solid or strobe light on their tank handle. Glow sticks (also known as “chem lights” or Cyalume light sticks) are okay, but we prefer that you use a reusable lighting solution instead of these single-use chem lights.

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Our Sunset / Night dives are legendary!
Night Diving & Limited Visibility Specialty Course

We also offer a Night Diving and Limited Visibility specialty course that will greatly improve the basic dive skills that you also use during the day. Some of the skills you focus on at night include:

  • being more aware
  • staying close to your dive buddy
  • better controlling your buoyancy by feel
  • paying attention to different details than during your daylight dives
  • properly handling your dive light
  • communicating both underwater and on the surface
  • learning to navigate in limited visibility or at night
  • exiting and boarding the boat safely


Finally, you get to see a whole range of different behaviors and characteristics displayed by marine life at night.

Please contact Hawaiian Diving Adventures for more information and to schedule a night dive for your group!